Monday, March 18, 2013

Welcome to the world.

I haven't posted since attending my cousin, Rebecca's wedding in India. While I was there I was entering my second trimester of my first baby. Since that voyage and returning home to Honolulu, I moved across town. My husband and I moved in with another couple from church who were expecting their first child as well. Several people think its crazy that we moved into a larger, shared space. However, I plead the 5th that I had pregnant brain and I didn't want to go through this alone. We all do not have family here in Hawaii so rely on our church family. We are such different couples but since having our babies I'm glad we were together. If I were by myself all day with a crying baby I think I may have fallen into a lonely, possibly depressed state for awhile considering minor postpartum and recovering from an emergency C-section. The other couple's baby had to flown to the mainland for emergency heart surgery. The surgery was a complete success and their baby is recovered well and is back on track. Through the final trimester the two of us mom's had each other to talk about concerns, curiosities and share in all the prayers and praise reports. The journey up to this point had been dreadfully challenging to say the least and I don't regret one bit moving in with each other. We won't be in this shared/community environment for too long. People ask how do we survive together? My thoughts are:

-I had to stop comparing myself to some I know on the mainland, buying houses, decorating a baby room, etc. and look around me. I dare say the majority of people making their lives in Hawaii are in shared living spaces.

-We choose to trust each other in our home to be respectful and as clean as we are capable of the kitchen and common spaces.

-We help each other and aim to be continuously flexible to needs.

-And we communicate reasonably with sober judgement and thinking and listening.

It has been a joy and a blessing entering a new season of life together. We went from four to six! I adore my baby August and absolutely enjoy that he has a playmate, baby Emery.

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