Monday, August 27, 2012

2012 The End? or just the Beginning?

I haven't posted in awhile, but so much has happened.

I've transitioned to working at Macy's and while I still hope for an occupation that is more in tune with art, design, architecture....I'm thankful because since arriving back to Hawaii making friends outside of a campus lifestyle has been very different.  There are wonderful women I've met at Macy's and I think I really needed that.

Also, it allowed me the flexibility to travel and attend my cousin's wedding in India.  What an unforgettable time with family.

Upon my return from India, I announced, "I'm having a baby :)"having entered the second trimester of my pregnancy.  Yeah that first trimester was a bit challenging, like I believe most women go through.  I am so much more happy during the second, being able to eat what I want again :)

Rob and I within a month returning from the trip met with a friend-couple from church who are also expecting and we all decided to move in together for the sake of affording a bigger living space.  I cannot express how happy and thankful I am to have a space to sleep in separate from where I eat.  Rob and I were living in a studio space previously and with a new lil one on the way, it would be very claustrophobic.

Which brings me to this month of August.  We decided to get a car and I'm going to learn manual (yes even as a pregnant woman this is one new thing I will learn before I deliver)  So far I am able to go from zero to 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear and reverse.  It is all very exciting.  I just need to get more practice in so I can drive with My Rob as my supervisor.  This brings me back to being 15 years old with a driver's permit.

I am now 28 weeks in my pregnancy, starting my third trimester.  Baby Boy is moving around and is expected to arrive this November.  I'm not sure how life will play out, but I can definitely say that 2012 thus far has been a year full of new and exciting things, and definitely not the end of the world :)  We're more than halfway through this year and I anticipate many joyful things yet to come before the turn.

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