Friday, November 11, 2011

Yay! I got a piano!

I've been really wanting to get back into things I love that I have put on hold since I was a student. Yeah, that means I haven't given much of these things I love much attention for the last 8+ years of my life.

I was surfing craigslist and I tend to put my location in the search box so any good finds would be in close proximity.

A piano was advertised for sale and at a price that was awesome. Immediately I jumped on it and accepted it as a blessing from God.

Met the seller, Debbie, who was super nice. The piano is in great condition for being a used piano.

Anyway, I was all worried about how it was going to be moved, but God also always answers prayers. Rob asked his lab mate and I texted my research group friend. I was scrapping trying to think of somebody who could help.

Friday came and we moved it on a four-wheeled dolly and into a rental truck with a ramp. Turns out moving it went exceptionally well. I was imagining the worst and it was finished in just about an hour.

Please comment if you have songs you love.
I'm so excited to play again!

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