Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm thankful for..."Gaurdian Angels"

I consider myself a person who leans on the side of caution. This covers only some ground against the elements, right? I drive and ride defensively. Watching out for other drivers, bikers, pedestrians who many not see me or be paying attention to the road.

In a day, I ride my bike to all sorts of places, take the bus, and it gets darker sooner now. All the time, anytime I feel uncomfortable with where I am at, I just talk to God the whole way. "Lord, protect me, keep me safe. Give me wisdom and discernment."

I'm thankful that He does. He has always extended His grace and mercy. I am so SO thankful that He has watches out for me and keeps me through all obstacles I face.

Well and to add to it, I'm going to go buy a helmet this weekend, because I should do my part too :)

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