Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bluewater Mission - all church retreat

It is funny how things turn out. Never really anticipated returning to Hawaii.
Anyway, it was strange I felt like I was leaving home but returning home at the same time. I knew we would come back to this church, Bluewater Mission. It is really a treasure to find a church and community you naturally feel at home with.

The retreat this weekend was refreshing. We had the chance to build on our new friendships as well as our previous ones and just be peaceful-minded, having had no agenda really.
Rob and I only camped one night instead of two. It was so busy Friday (moving the piano - ref. to previous post) and running several other errands that we were both knocked out.

It turned out for the best, I guess it was really windy out in Kaneohe, where we were camping. That would've been too difficult to pitch a tent - in the wind, in the dark.

So Saturday we arrived had lunch, Rob went on a hike, I met with some people, threw the Frisbee around, took a walk along the bay, ate (a lot at) dinner and had a evening of worship with the other church members. Having a weekend like that was sooooo needed. After worship we all made s'mores by the bonfire and having had camped in the designated "loud" area. People were up playing like, 70s, 80s, 90s greatest hits music.

In the morning, for breakfast I had a croissant with cream cheese and nutella (awesome!) we had normal church service to conclude the weekend and caught a ride home with Lori in her mustang convertible with the top down.

Yes, it was all good.

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