Thursday, October 6, 2011

on TheBus ride

In commute or travel tends to render moments of reflection.

Have you ever felt the emotions of another as it is radiating through a small space?

A dad, mom and child were on the bus this morning on the way to work.
The dad exited the bus to be off to work and said, "bye-bye." to his son and wife. Immediately, the child burst into tears and cried waving his little hand bye-bye.

I observed the dad step out of the bus and looked back waving to his son. The mom must have just told her son, "Dad is just going to work. He will be back later." The son quieted.

Immediately, my mind spiraled back in time to how I felt as probably a 5 or 6 year old child saying bye to my mom as she left for work in the evening. She had the night shift as a nurse.

I did not expect to be able to remember that feeling but for about 30 seconds I found myself empathizing with the child, feeling what the child was feeling.

It was strange and unexpected.
I guess in observing the family on the bus I'm thankful because it makes me realize how much love exists between a child and a parent and how you don't grow up and out of that love. And that in a world broadcasting so much "bad" news in a day. It is such a delight to see love expressed in the lives of passerby people on the bus.

I'm am thankful for ohana.

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