Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You make everything GLORIOUS!

Just reconnecting with some songs from the David Crowder Band.

One song he sings,

"You make everything glorious!
You make everything glorious!
You make everything glorious!
And I am yours.
What does that make me?"

I just found encouragement listening to this song again.
That while I'm waiting and still making the best with the circumstances. My purpose is here.
Right here. Right now.

I keep thinking ahead, but I always need to remember that he has purposed me to be right where I am today.

"Dear God,
My spirit is lifting! Oh how you love me! Thank you for everyday that I am alive and every breath I am able to take. You sustain me and keep me and made me glorious!
Thank you for your saving grace because I know I am far from deserving any good thing.
I am yours my Father above. In Christ's holy and precious name, Amen."

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