Monday, August 10, 2009

The Proposal Story

Aawwwww this would be better in person, but with so many of you I think I may run out of breath.

Spring semester has ended and while I have not completed my DArch project I have passed 3 of 4 Forms toward being technically awarded my DArch degree. This allowed me to participate in the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa Spring 2009 Advanced Degree Commencement ceremony. Rob is also participating in the graduation ceremony as well. So both our families were in town to celebrate with us.

It was absolutely crazy busy with so many loved ones, cheering for us, but at the same time we were hosting them on their trip out here. It was a whole weekend of people, People! PEOPLE! and it didn't slow down even in the following week.

I had already known Rob would ask my dad's permission for my hand in marriage during this visit out to Hawai`i. And that is as much as I suspected in any further development in our relationship for the time being, especially since I was still trying to complete my project work at school.

Then next week, my brother Steven, was participating in the Hawai`i 70.3 Ironman Triathlon at Kona, Big Island. So my family and I, Rob and his friends all went to cheer him on (Whoohoo! Go Steven - the IRONMAN) and again, see some of the attractions of the Big Island.

Going backwards in time for a moment, the first year when Rob and I first started seeing each other we went with a group of friends to Big Island and visited Akaka Falls National Park. Rob had found out about a hidden waterfall off the marked trail area. That year we had hiked our way down the steep path and found the most perfect waterfall I have ever seen!

Now, to 2009 and reaching the end of our time to host everyone from out of state. I was tired and worn out from trying to map out each day's events and flex with whatever may happen.

I have a tendency to regularly jepardize Rob's surprises that he has in store for me. We had plans one day to go see a number of waterfall locations, including Akaka Falls. (you can all see where this is going) However, Rob had recently developed up an ear infection and I was trying to compromise the plans to go to Akaka Falls with taking Rob to the health clinic. Of course least to my knowledge he had other ideas in mind for what his goals were that day. He whispers to my cousin, Jeanine, with urgency. "We have to go to Akaka Falls. I'm going to propose to Jen there!"

Of course, Jeanine comes to the rescue and says, "Okay, let's go! We're going to Akaka Falls first today!" I was just happy to hear someone take the reins and lead the day's events. I was slowly losing ability to map out ideas.

So Rob says to me, "Jen, we haven't had much time to just spend with each other over the last two weeks with everyone in town. Let's ditch everyone and just spend the time and hike together when we reach the park." I agree.

We get to the park and my innate hosting habits start up again and I tell Rob, "Wait, we need to wait for everyone." as I look to see the group lagging behind. He responds, "Jen! We're going to just spend this time together." I'm like, "oh yeah ;)" So we go on our merry way.

We both know we want to find that waterfall again and quickly head in that direction. As we're hiking down. I'm still all tired and really even sleepy. I'm sweating, mosquitos are biting me, its just kinda an ick feeling hiking in tropical areas :) We're holding onto damp tropical tree branches in order to keep from slipping and as we reach the bottom, its like a little red alert clicked in my mind and I thought, "Hmm....this is a sentimental place for us and I can feel the heightened possibility." But I let it pass, I had thought even before Rob wouldn't propose until everyone had returned home and our lives went back to the routine day and maybe over the summer he may plan some kind of surprise.

So da-ta-da-ta-da....We find a good spot to see the view and Rob tells me to get my camera out of my super awesome Dakine backpack and record the view and tell the story of our hike and previous visit. I love taking photos and stuff, so of course immediately pull out my small digital camera and look around. As I'm panning across the view noting the foot of the waterfall and the really steep hike we got all dirty climbing downs I continue moving to the left to take in the sight of the waterfall and instead see in my peripheral vision Rob on bended knee looking up at me.

I got so nervous, all I can think is, "just keep recording! just keep recording!" So I recorded the waterfall and pointed it out in the video and then looked down at Rob and said, "I should probably turn this off now huh?" and he nods yes.

So there you have it! Rob said how much he loved me and asked if I would be his wife.

and I said, "YES!"

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Jeanine said...

Haha that is me the take charge cousin! And I was so happy to do it! Congrats again to you both!