Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm Engaged to Robert Guinn!

Let me first say !!YAY!! I'm sooooo blessed and super excited to say, "I'm engaged to Robert Guinn!"

I always have to thank God because my life is so fully of blessings, joy and delight!

So here is the background story. I decided to attend the University of Hawaii at Manoa in the fall of 2006. It may seem like, that wasn't a hard decision because most people say, "Hawaii? You're going to grad school in Hawaii? Are you sure you're going for school or the beach?" I'd like to plead the 5th and declare that I came to pursue a Doctorate of Architecture degree which UHM is the only accredited School of Architecture in the United States that awards this degree.

I came with two weeks to find a place to live. My mom and I were together on this hunt in this semi-foreign land of Hawaii and after the first week there was still no luck. We were encouraged to visit some of my extended Filipino relatives during those two weeks. I was growing impatient with the thought that I'm attending a BBQ with family I've never met before and I still don't know where I'm going to live. At my wits end, God always likes pull a curve ball.

At the BBQ, where everyone was Filipino local or "FOB", stood out two caucasian american guys sitting with our group eating Kalua pork, and I'm just observing how they just stick out of the crowd. One man just so happen to be the housing director for another major Hawaii university. He directed me to some new off-campus student housing, called The Ohia, that was just opening up that fall.

It always tends to be the case, when worry ceases and I give up trying to push plans through, things work out perfectly.

So the next day, my mom and I went out to check The Ohia which was located right in the center of Waikiki. Upon entering the building, we were taken on a tour with a couple of swedish students and a couple of guys, Ben and .....Rob :)

At the end of the tour I asked Rob, "So are you guys going to move to this place? I've looked everywhere and with only a week until school starting I think this would be the best bet for decent housing."

Rob said nothing.

My response was, "okay..." and went along to filling out the lease for my room.
Ben on the other hand was all talktive and wanting to meet new people. Rob disappeared somewhere and my mom and I had to leave for the evening. So I told Ben the best of luck to both of them in finding a place. My mom and I went on our way.

Obviously I thought I may or may not ever see those guys again, but they did move into The Ohia too.

Long story short - my roommate Ping and I became friends with Rob, Ben, Chun yu and a handful of others in the building. Since The Ohia had just opened as student housing, we all found friendship with each other and adventured Hawaii. Almost every Saturday a large group of us would do some outdoor activities, like hit the beach, hike, snorkel, etc. A number of us went to New Hope Christian Fellowship - Oahu. Rob and I amongst many others in the building filled, our friend Cristie's, SUV packed for church every Sunday. When I say packed I mean, 2 people in the front, 4 people in the back, and two people sitting in the trunk :)

(Fast forward through time)

All of this brought Rob and I together and now 3 years later we are engaged.

That's how Rob and I met, became friends, dated and now we are engaged.

Life is orchestrated and there are several other fun and exciting stories I could share about the relationship Rob and I have grown to have over the last few years, but then I would be writing a novel.

So for those who would like to know how Rob proposed I will share that in another post. For now I should get back my Doctorate of Architecture project as I am in the last stretch to finishing. Obviously life brings many wonderful distractions :)

Next post - "Rob's proposal"

I love and miss you all!
Pray and wish me luck as I strive to finish and then return to the mainland!

In HIS steps,
Jennifer Chellappa

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Dr. Ernie said...

Woo-hoo! Congratulations to you both. :-)
Ernie, Sandhya and Rohan