Thursday, April 3, 2008

A BitterSweet Time

I always love going home to be with my family. Everything happens so quickly right now. I have dreams, and dreams, and dreams. Then as reality starts playing its cards, my super fabulous outline for how I want to plan my next few months gets molded by limitations. Limitations are not always bad, but knowing I have to go home also brings me to the truth that once again, I've spent a little less than a year in a new place and made friends and now I have to say "bye." once more. I do look forward to being back in the Chicagoland area and I'm very thankful for so many friends who I've come to hold very dear in my heart. Several of them come from The Journey. Having been involved at that church has been so rewarding to me and God has revealed Himself yet again in new and amazing ways. I still have two more months living in San Francisco and I hope to savor every moment. I'm writing this because I began to look at airfare prices and it is stirring up emotions within me. I have become attached to so many people now. The time spent, prayers, fun, and pioneering with The Journey has been written on my heart with permanent ink.

There have been friends I met through the YMCA Embarcadero that I've grown attached to as well.

SF Cameraworks

KMD Architects - Mirian, you are an amazing person to have become friends with. I'm so thankful for you.

God has been so faithful to lead us all on. This isn't really a "goodbye", its just a "catch ya later".

I feel sad, but joyful as I'm forced to book an airline ticket for the end of May and reflect on the last nine months of San Francisco life.

Well, it ain't over yet! These next two months are going to be the best ever :)

I just had to let my heart pound out some words.

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