Thursday, October 4, 2007

Where Will I Be in 4 months?

I recieved the list of participating firms for the Spring 2008 semester in my email inbox this morning. The adrenaline is rising to evaluate the work of these participating firms so that I can make an educated decision on which five I prefer to be assigned to next semester.


It is Fleet Week this week in San Francisco, so I can hear the passing fighter jets doing aerial acrobatics in the nearby sky.

So I looked through the list, the websites and thought of location. I cut the list down to:

*Ashen + Allen - SF, CA
Berkus Design Studio - Santa Barbara, CA
Perkins Eastman - NY, NY
Arquitectonica - Miami, FL
*Callison Architecture Inc. - Seattle, WA
*Group 70 International - Honolulu, HI
Sasaki Associates - Boston, MA

*Broadway Malyan - London, England
WATG - London, England
JJ Pan & Partners - Taipei, Taiwan

*These firms have mark high on my level of interest relating to the work they do and they have the most attractive locations in my mind.


I was told there are heaters at the firm I can put under my desk because it gets cold in our office. So I looked under my desk not finding the mentioned heater I was told about, but I did find Barcadi, Captain Morgan's and Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice. Interesting...this might warm my toes.

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