Wednesday, October 31, 2007

5.6 Earthquake

At small group yesterday evening, sitting in the 3rd floor of First Baptist Church on Van Ness, Melanie braces herself and says, "Whoa! This is the first earthquake I have ever experienced!" It wasn't located very close to San Francisco, but more towards San Jose. However, we did feel the entire building shake.
This morning I read about it in the paper.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cherub <3 Tomato

Rob came to San Francisco from Honolulu to visit me this past weekend. There are so many things I am simply learning about life, love, relationships and having faith.

We had a blast spending time with each other. We hadn't been able to see each other since the end of June which was four months ago? Was the friendship strong enough? How about the attraction? How about compatibility? How about leaving it all up to God's control and perfect plan.... The weekend was a pleasant and I felt like I was growing up in a crunched five or so days. I have no anxieties, I don't have all the answers either, but I am assured the Lord is on my side and He knows exactly where I am in life. Good things come to those who wait, those who wait upon the Lord.

This pretty horse is Charlie, he belongs to Rob's mom.

We went to the Monterey Aquarium, which was totally sweet.

These two look like they have faces, which I think is super cool. I always get a kick out of that.Check out this crab. This is one of Rob's favorite creatures in the whole aquarium. Pretty sweet eh?
We were in desperate need for a fall festivity. So, Bridgett (Rob's sister), Rob and I went to Grandma's Pumpkin Patch to find our perfect pumpkin to carve.

There were many to choose from.

The white pumkins were cool, but they are much more difficult to carve.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Karaoke International

Now we have Yoku (top left) from Hiroshima, Japan. Yohanna (top right) from Slovakia, Marc (in the middle; he wanted to be in the center of all the ladies) from Marseille, France, Melanie (bottom left) and myself.

We did some mad karaoke. Marc wasn't shy at all when it comes to singing. Even with his voice cracking and going hoarse he belted out some songs to the best of his ability. Mel and I were like the duo girls shouting songs with as much enthusiasm as possible.

It was a very silly and fun night. The only thing out of control were the images of Asian women coming on the karaoke screen behind the highlighted lyrics.

Friday, October 19, 2007

My List of Love Songs

I always hear these great songs about God's Love, the love that you find with family, friends and a special someone. So I think to myself, one day, that DAY - a wedding day. I want to have the love songs of my life played, but there is no way I'd be able to remember it all at one time whenever that day comes to plan for it. So I thought why not post a blog and update it when a sentimental or favorite love song comes to mind.

You're Everything to Me/Avalon
Every Moment/Joy Williams
My Wish/Raschal Flatts
Cheek to Cheek/written by Irving Berlin, version with Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald
Unforgettable/Nat King Cole
Mona Lisa/the Nat King Cole trio
When I Fall In Love/Nat King Cole
L-O-V-E/Nat King Cole
Bubble Toes/Jack Johnson
Who Am I/Casting Crowns
Take My Hand/Shawn McDonald
Glorious/Martha Munizzi
We Live/Superchick
My Love/Justin Timberlake
Love Song for a Savior/Jars of Clay
Devoted/Melissa Scholl
Humble King/Melissa Scholl
Your Song/The Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Come What May/The Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Love is a Movement/Switchfoot
Living is Simple/Switchfoot
Only Hope/Switchfoot
Build Me Up Buttercup/
Brown Eyed Girl/
Bubbly/Colbie Caillat

more to come...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day-to-Day Sightings

Just some new and interesting things to tell about.

Mel Sportin' some 80s Rad threads.

Smelly Mel's Plumbing.

This is Irie, our dog who really belongs to owner of the house we live in. She is a blue-tongue Chinese Shar Pei dog. I love her wrinkly face. Mel really loves this dog. It is funny too, that "Irie" means "free love" derived from Bob Marley.

Laura (Barcelona, Spain) and Nemecao(Mexico City, Mexico). All the International students are such wonderful people to have for company every night at dinner. The conversations we have are unforgettable ;)

Monday, October 8, 2007

This just in...

My friends, Nick Coile and Linda Nowaski from the good 'ol Judson College (now University) Architecture program, are ENGAGED! I thought that I might spread the word along with Linda's lovely and amusing proposal story.

She writes:

Forgive me if you received this already, my email is kicking back the mail I'm
sending out. Also I haven't included any pictures, I think that was part of the problem.
If you want them let me know.
Well folks, It's official, Nick and Linda are engaged!
I know, it's been a long time, most of you are probably saying "finally!", but
it has all been perfect timing, and I'm glad that we took matters slowly.
Nevertheless, I have been hankering for about a week not only to see Nick (the
last time we saw each other was at graduation, 5 months ago) but to be engaged,
maybe due to the fact that my sister got engaged one month ago and wedding
planning is exciting.
But the whole thing was completely a surprise for me, yes I knew it was coming,
but I didn't know when or how. Nick had flown out to Idaho on Sept 29th and was
staying with my sister's fiance, Alan. Then he went for a hike with my dad the
next day and asked for his blessing. So almost everyone in my immediate family
knew he was in town and I was completely clueless. Anytime I was talking to
Nick on the phone he had to keep playing dumb like he didn't know what was going
on at my house, even though after talking to everyone else in my family he
already knew every part of my day. I did wonder if something was going to
happen around this time because Nick and I had started dating on Oct. 1st, 4
years ago, and he did slip once and tell me he had taken work off on Monday,
which I thought was very strange. I thought he might be flying out on Monday,
but I never guessed he'd been in town for two days.
Well, I was talking on the phone to him on Sunday night and he was trying to
make sure I was staying awake until he got to my house. Alan dropped Nick off
in front of the neighbors house and when he got to my door he told me over the
phone to go to the door. Then he hung up the phone and knocked on the door.
Nick and I will joke like this sometimes, we'll say we're getting on a plane or
walking cross country to see each other, or "ding, dong, I'm at your door, ha
ha". So, I was a little confused and sort of freaked out. My whole household
had suddenly gone to bed, not that I noticed, and I thought it was either too
much of a coincident or there really was a crazy person out there. So, I crept
up to the door, and couldn't see anyone through the glass at first because Nick
was already on his knee. Well, I finally saw it was him, and opened the door.
There he was on bended knee at midnight on Oct. 1, our 4th year anniversary,
holding an open ring box up to me. "Linda Jo Nowaski, will you marry me?" he
said. The only problem was that there was no ring in the box. I thought that
he was going to do something else. I was grinning, and said "Yes!" Then he
went to get the ring and put it on me, and gasped "Where's the ring?!" At first
I thought it was a joke, but finally figured out it wasn't. He had lost the
ring somewhere! Well, at that moment I really didn't care, because I was just
glad to actually see him in the flesh after 5 months, and I was too excited that
I was actually engaged. So I made him give me good long hug, and then we went
ring hunting.
So there we were, getting flashlights, me wrapping up in a blanket (there was a
very cold wind and I was in shorts), traipsing out looking all over mine and the
neighbor's yards, looking for that lost ring, and trying to keep quiet so we
didn't alert my family. We were both laughing so hard, and thought it was
hilarious, but with each minute passing Nick was getting more and more nervous.
He called Alan to come back, and when he got there, he found the ring in the
passenger seat. Then he got down on his knee again and held out the ring and
proposed again on the sidewalk. I of course said "yes", again, and the ring was
put safely on my finger.
We stayed up and talked for quite a while, and the next morning my twin sisters
were a little freaked out by the stranger on the couch (one of them after a talk
with my mom about how do you know who is the right person to marry, has now
decided that a little boy named Michael in her first grade class is the one for
her). Jamie, my sister, made Nick and I breakfast and we ate in front of the
fire. Then we surprised my grandparents with the news, and spent the rest of
the day together, looking at wedding sites, seeing a movie, and going out to
eat. Nick had to leave the next day at 6 in the morning, and I cried very hard
into my pillow the night before he left. But we will hopefully see each other
again in Dec. and for sure in Jan. when my sister and Alan get married. We are
planning on setting the date sometime in Oct. 2008, so I have a year to plan.
We will keep everyone updated as we know more about the actual date and future
planning. Thanks to everyone for your love and support over these last 4 years,
and please keep us in your prayers for the years to come, we sure need them!!
Love, Nick and Linda

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Block Party!

Everyone gets a kick out of a three-legged race.

Classic wheels.

There they go again....but wait just until you think it couldn't get any better.

Check out this race :)

Friday, October 5, 2007

The Ballet

The Palace of Fine Arts was so beautifule it felt like being in a fantasy world where you enjoy life's delights among the gods of Greek mythology.

Designed by Bernard Maybeck and was part of the 1893 World's Fair.

We had the opportunity to see a Smuin Ballet.

Company in Stabat Mater Photo by Matthew Felton

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Here & Now

You are awesome in this place,
Mighty God!
You are awesome in this place,
Abba Father!
You are worthy of all praise.
To you our lives we raise.
You are awesome in this place,
Mighty God!

Where Will I Be in 4 months?

I recieved the list of participating firms for the Spring 2008 semester in my email inbox this morning. The adrenaline is rising to evaluate the work of these participating firms so that I can make an educated decision on which five I prefer to be assigned to next semester.


It is Fleet Week this week in San Francisco, so I can hear the passing fighter jets doing aerial acrobatics in the nearby sky.

So I looked through the list, the websites and thought of location. I cut the list down to:

*Ashen + Allen - SF, CA
Berkus Design Studio - Santa Barbara, CA
Perkins Eastman - NY, NY
Arquitectonica - Miami, FL
*Callison Architecture Inc. - Seattle, WA
*Group 70 International - Honolulu, HI
Sasaki Associates - Boston, MA

*Broadway Malyan - London, England
WATG - London, England
JJ Pan & Partners - Taipei, Taiwan

*These firms have mark high on my level of interest relating to the work they do and they have the most attractive locations in my mind.


I was told there are heaters at the firm I can put under my desk because it gets cold in our office. So I looked under my desk not finding the mentioned heater I was told about, but I did find Barcadi, Captain Morgan's and Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice. Interesting...this might warm my toes.