Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First Day @ First Exposures

Over the weekend is when I go to First Exposures for the volunteer mentoring program. It was the climax of my week! I thoroughly enjoyed getting aquainted with the kids and look forward to participating in their investigation of photography. We did a scavenger hunt and there are way more mentors than there are students. I am thinking that being a floater mentor would be most appropriate because I cannot get any confidence that I will be in San Francisco in the Spring. I am truly bummed. Anyway, the students were awesome. I met Jontonette, Shantel, Karen, Bethany, Erin, London, and many other students. The fun part about this situation is my first feelings weren't so hot to begin with, but after we all introduced ourselves to each other it was much more clear they are amazing kids to be working with!

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