Saturday, August 11, 2007

Organic City

Today I went around with my Tito Sonny (my uncle) and saw the Embarcadero. The roads here in San Fran are like rollercoasters. I was nervous sitting in the front passenger seat as we cut really close between other cars and pedestrians crowding the streets. was like madness! I couldn't take many photos because I was also helping him with the navigation part of driving, seeing as we are both from Chicago and unfamiliar with SF's winding uphill and downhill streets.

This is a shopping area. I thought the lamps and architecture were very cool indeed :)

And this is the railway car following behind us and ringing the bells for us to hurry even though traffic is pretty much a standstill for a good while. Those people hanging on the outside of the care could brush against neighboring traffic if they just leaned their bums out! Ha ha.

After the journey around town we were starvin' and we aimed to hit Turo Turo a Filipino restaurant, but it closed at 7. So went just a few doors down to Starvin' Marvin' :) I wish I had photos to show, but the people who work there are quite characters. The food there was great, especially the Onion soup.

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