Sunday, August 5, 2007

in time

I just got back from a wedding. My friend Mark Sorensen just married this awesome woman, Kelly. The Sorensen family have been close friends to my own family since I was a child. It is for friends and family like this I enjoy coming being home so much. Even after a great time of dancing, and familiar faces. It does cross my mind, that I'm feeling that tinge, that "when is it going to be me in the white dress with that man that I feel most at home with no matter where I am?"

So I came back home after the reception, feet hurting from dancing and hungry from exerting all that energy dancing and I sat in a poor mood in the dark of the family room.
Pulling open my computer to do the usual email check and so forth....I search through My Pictures from this summer.

And came to this...

We've had this clock in our house since I can't even remember and I am reminded...just relax. God has got my back concerning every detail of my life.

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