Friday, August 17, 2007

Been Busy

Just a summation of the week's events. I dearly miss my friends because as much as all the sights here have been extraordinary, it is still less than perfect without my family and my friends to share the time with. I miss you!

I always pass these flowers near the SF Police Station and I think they are beautiful!

We went to Twin Peaks again, but this time it was during the day. We had to HURRY though! The fog was rushing in and you can see it. Usually you only get the feeling you're in the clouds when you are on an airplane, but here you can see before your eyes the clouds passing by you, filling up the bay area.

These are two girls that live in the same house as me. (left) Jenny - she is from Taiwan. (middle) Carole - she is from the French side of Switzerland. I speak a few French words and phrases with her sometimes, just for fun. (right) me. Yuko was out that night, but I'll introduce you to her another day. Yuko is from Hiroshima, Japan. They are all language students going to school here in SF to study English.

There have been many ventures out discovering the city.

I'm just hanging out of a cable car.

There was some jazz going on and a movie that was going to begin at sunset.

Chinatown was fabulous for all the colors, people, handcrafted items. I bought a kite there, so hopefully one day Mel and I could go chill at the beach and try out the kite.

In the latter part of the week, I went out into the city again. Checked out the odd number piers on the north end of the Embarcadero. Some of the piers are used for offices, but down at Pier 39 it is all full of tourists, shops and restaurants. I wasn't much appealed by the atmosphere, all I wanted was some clam chowder for under $5.00 which was difficult to find.
The part of looking around the pier I enjoyed the most was the sight of the sealions barking away at each other as they rested out in the sun. I found some clam chowder and sat eating my lunch in a nicely situated inset off the pathway running along near the sailboats. I enjoyed the plants and the quiet spot getting away from the rush of the crowds.

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