Friday, August 10, 2007

38 blocks

Having overcome the feeling of intimidation pressed on me by the importance of safety, parents can make overly clear to their children I stepped out into the sunlight.
Taking a relaxed walk from the corner of Irving and 28th street and go east on Irving.
Along each side of the street are many oriental stores and marts, Pho restaurants, groceries with fruits and vegetable stands along the sidewalk.
Of course by familiarity I choose to make my stop and study Practicum criteria at the nearby Starbuck's on 19th Avenue.

There are mostly homes on Judah street between 19th and 28th.

I decided to keep going on from 28th rather than going back inside my apartment.

I took a very VERY long walk down Irving from 28th to the 47th Street, crossed over the Great Highway and reached my goal destination...The Ocean Beach.

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