Sunday, August 12, 2007

1st weekend, 1st Party in SF CA

(It says "Danger Falling Rocks")

I love the fact that birthdays are a great excuse for having a party with a house full of people, music, and of course food!

So grilling oysters are so delicious with lime on it and some spicy sauce. good.

What's a party with family without little kids and babies :)

Sophia is stubborn to come down the stairs.

John Paul's and Lareisa's place is hella sick.
(I haven't quite picked up all the stuff said here in Cali)

What's a party for someone's birthday without a cake and candles to make a wish on?

Johnathan on the turn tables.

Foozball? Foosball? Foose ball? How do you spell this?

My sad attempt at the turn table, but I have to thank Phil for being patient with me as I try to keep an 8 count scratching. Argh! This is fun, but pretty difficult if you don't know what you're doing.

On the way home we stopped by Twin Peaks and got the view of a rare clear sky of the San Francisco lights.

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